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Innovazione e Tradizione

Among the treasures of our land, there are our centuries-old and young olive trees: they are magnificent, enchanting, and eternal. They perfectly describe the history of the ChiaroMonte farm: a traditional and innovative business, starring the CORATINA olive, considered one of the best-loved and most awarded cultivars in the Land of Bari. This oil has a very high concentration of polyphenols, a perfect antioxidant for the benefit of the body, and that makes it an excellence of the Italian olive-growing heritage

Distinct flavour

ChiaroMonte monovarietal oil is composed of an intense fruity level of green olives, sensations of fresh almond and marked vegetal and herbaceous notes. An oil so fragrant, balanced and harmonious that it could go well with dishes with an intense flavor.

Cold extraction

By law, EVO oil must be extracted at a temperature not exceeding 27 ° (electronically monitored). This technique ensures that the organoleptic characteristics of the oil remain unchanged, as well as ensuring greater density and better conservation.

ChiaroMonte "CLASSIC" oil is extracted at a maximum of 27 °, within 24 hours of collection. It comes unfiltered, in its most natural form. Rich in nutrients, with a lively, balanced and harmonious taste. Great for giving character to a traditional cuisine.

ChiaroMonte “GOLD” oil is extracted at 22° within 24 hours of collection and filtered at the same time, thus enhancing the already excellent organoleptic and nutritional characteristics . Excellent for demanding dishes and for raw condiments, to be enjoyed in all its flavour. Furthermore, Coratina oil has very low acidity, which maintains its health and nutritional characteristics over time, even after 18 months.

Innovative packaging

Eliminating traditional tin containers, thanks to green and environmentally friendly packaging, ChiaroMonte oil keeps its organoleptic properties intact. 

The " Bag in box ", are innovative and more practical with a tap that prevents waste, does not require pouring and prevents the passage of air through the presence of a valve. The inner bag compresses as the oil is tapped and in this way it prevents oxidation, preserving its original characteristics for longer.

The outer cardboard container forms a sort of air chamber around the inner bag in which the oil is contained, thus protecting the oil from thermal changes. Practical, comfortable and easy to handle, easily transportable thanks to the upper handle. Our bottles are all in dark glass, which allow you to better preserve the level of quercetin (natural antioxidant) and zinc (essential microelement) compared to a transparent glass bottle. Furthermore, the anti-topping cap guarantees maximum safety.