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The rustling of the leaves of our ancient olive trees evokes emotions. Just like our oil. For generations, we have been valuing a product with unique characteristics.

A drizzle of quality oil

A walk that takes us back among the ancient and immense olive trees. The undisputed protagonist is the olive, in particular, one of the most beloved and prized cultivars is the CORATINA. An excellence of the Italian olive heritage with its elongated shape and green color, its high content of antioxidants that make it one of the healthiest in the world.

Our jams

A true passion for nature leads us to the jams production: fresh fruit, that has reached the right ripeness in the sun, and lemon juice as a natural preservative.

Adopt an olive tree

Share an experience of well-being and pleasure surrounded by greenery. By adopting an olive tree, you become part of Apulian nature: a land of traditions waiting to be enjoyed.

Liters of oil and sold
Processed jams
Olive trees adopted

Our products


The Apulian gastronomic experience joins oil on our tables that brings wellness, so becoming an emotion. 


ChiaroMonte jams contain only fresh fruit picked just at the perfect ripening stage.


An original solution to share with your loved ones: customize your jar, a practical, beautiful and imaginative idea.

Come with us!

Discover the stories of our centuries-old olive trees, the work of the farmer and the stages of extra virgin olive oil production, and all of our products. Try them, enjoy them in the open countryside!


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