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About Us

The ChiaroMonte company was born in the heart of Puglia, a few steps away from the Murgia. Its core business is the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, along with a wide range of preserves. It owns approximately 25 hectares of land and has nearly 5,000 plants, to which it dedicates attention and care with the goal of spreading and preserving on our tables the value and quality of traditional food.

Our Job

The vocation and the result of many sacrifices have led to the creation of ChiaroMonte extra virgin olive oil. The irreplaceable elixir of Puglia.


We carefully cultivate our fruit trees, to provide you with the perfect level of well-being. Did you know that consuming the right amount of fruit is good for your health? It is healthy, colourful, and delicious: you should never miss it from your table. Every customer is unique and significant. Come and visit in person, or on our social media! Do you know that consuming fruit in the right amount is good for your health? Good, colorful and genuine, it should never be missing from your table. Each client is unique and important. Come and visit us in person or on our social networks!


2022 has led us to receive several important awards and recognitions.
Let's start with the competition for EVO oil: “SvE.V.O. Award”.
The initiative was created to promote knowledge and study of quality agricultural production and the dissemination of the health and nutritional aspects of extra virgin olive oils. We participated twice and in the second time, we won the 1st prize in the producer olive growers category. A great result that stimulates us to face new challenges. We are committed with great care and passion to improve ChiaroMonte products and we always try to guarantee a high quality and well-being ratio.

We were selected by "Gambero Rosso" to be part of the 2022 Italy oil guide. A great recognition that leads us to continue our work with so much love, always aiming for the highest quality.
We have entered the guide of Slow Food Italy, a large international association committed to restoring the right value to food, respecting those who produce in harmony with the environment and ecosystems, thanks to the knowledge they keep local territories and traditions, mentioned our "gold oil" in the guide to extra virgin olive oils 2022.

Our special team

Marika Chiaromonte

Gianluca Sisci

Emanuele Chiaromonte

Franco e Teresa