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Extra Percoche peache Jam


Passion, tradition and only fruit from our lands in Puglia, processed within 36 hours of harvesting, are the ingredients of our jams...and of happiness.

Le nostre confetture contengono solo percoche fresche giunte a giusta maturazione al sole e succo di limone come conservante naturale.

  • Without the addition of colourants
  • Without added preservatives
  • Without chemical additives


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Confettura extra di percoca in vendita online

The ChiaroMonte orchard has around 3000 trees including cherries, peaches, apricots, figs, almonds, quinces and pears, not forgetting the vineyards. We work our fruit trees with particular attention to environmental sustainability and the health of our customers. All production is in fact organic.

We want to bring our quality fruit to your table throughout the year. This is why we have created our Extra Jams, obtained from a simple and manual process, traditional like that of the grandmother, with only fruit from our lands processed within 36 hours of harvesting.

Our jams contain only fresh fruit that has reached the right ripening in the sun and lemon juice as a natural preservative. By law, jams must contain at least 35% fruit, extra jams at least 45% and fruit compotes 65%. Ours contain 120% fruit! How is it possible? During cooking, fresh fruit loses water, so to obtain a kilo of jam you need to use much more than a kilo of fruit. Ours contain at least 95% fruit after cooking! We are proud of our jams which represent true excellence among our products, the result of passion, tradition and dedication! Choose your favorite flavor from our shop!